Hotmail Login

Way Of Accessing a Hotmail Account

Hotmail or Outlook is Microsoft’s old messaging system and has been updated now but now it is accessible to everyone. The new updates and versions of Hotmail have brought new features and other things for the users all across the world. The name of Hotmail was renamed to Outlook in the year 2012. 

There are many people who have a Hotmail account but they are not sure how to go for the procedure of login into a Hotmail account that is why this article has been written to provide help for such users so without wasting any single moment let us move to the steps of login into the Hotmail account. 

Login to Hotmail from Windows 

  1. To get the access to Hotmail account on Windows let us move to the Mail icon on Windows 10 and then once you are on the Mail app click on the Get started option. 

  2. Now in this step you need to click on the option of + Add account and after clicking on it you have to choose the option of Outlook. 

  3. Do not worry Hotmail is included in Outlook. Now you have to fill in the details of the Hotmail account which will be the username and the password of your account. 

  4. After filling in the details you need to click on the login button you see on the screen to access Hotmail account

  5. Now you can enjoy the services of hotmail on the windows and use the features it provides to its users. 

Login to Hotmail from mobile application 

If you do not know then let us tell you that there is a mobile application provided to you which you can use to get the access of Hotmail on your mobile device and use the features which it provides to its users. 

  1. You need to download the application from the app store or the Google play store on your device and then install the application. 

  2. Now after this you need to run the application on your device and then move to the step of sign up. 

  3. You are now supposed to fill in the email address of your Hotmail account and then after filling in the email address you need to fill in your password and check it before proceeding to the Hotmail login. 

  4. As soon as you click on the login button you can access the inbox of your Hotmail account and then use it. 

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