GoDaddy Email on Your iPhone

How to Set Up GoDaddy Email on Your iPhone

In this guide, we are going to tell you about the correct procedure with which you can set up webmail GoDaddy login on your iPhone. GoDaddy is a very brilliant website that you can use to establish your business online and even strengthen your online presence by simply following the steps that we are going to give you here.

Steps to setup GoDaddy email on your iPhone

You need to follow the steps that we have given below to set up Godaddy webmail login on your iPhone very easily. 

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone and then click on the Wi-Fi option.

  2. Turn off the Wi-Fi connection and then open the Accounts & Passwords tab.

  3. There you need to tap the ‘Add Account’ option and then click on the other option as GoDaddy is not available in that list.

  4. Hit the Add Mail account option and type the account details of your Godaddy web login account. 

  5. Then, you have to enter the correct configuration settings like the IMAP and POP settings. 

  6. The next step is to complete the server settings of the GoDaddy email account and then save your settings by hitting the save button.

  7. Once, you have done this correctly then you can use your GoDaddy email account on your iPhone very simply.

The steps that we have given above are correct and will help you in successfully adding your GoDaddy email account on your iPhone. After this, you can simply use your GoDaddy account and website on your mobile phone. 

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